Safety & Violence

 the notion of both sides of the imaginationlove <=> courage

Glenn Clark - The  Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

through self consciousness


(as opposed to a political materialism)

for the sake of Rosalyn Diprose - Merleau-Ponty: Key Concepts

VitalitySanity, Passion & Prosperity

The Ability To Be Alone

So That Anyone Can Clearly See If Those Around Them Are Deceiving Themselves or Not

And Be Able To Be What The Group Needs To Move Out Of Its Self-Deception

That Time Heals Flaws

Unfortunately Not Immaturity In Dysfunctional Environments

Neediness, Greed or Indifference

The Result Of An Imbalance Of Needs And Abilities



Welcome to Safety & Violence, an investigation of the life experience.

Please start here - the Side Effect of: Adulation (Energy Dynamics - visualised/projected - not only in the classroom - because)

"If [..] art is degenerate, we too are degenerate, for innumerable individuals are suffering the same collapse of the cultural canon,

the same alienation, the same loneliness – the rising blackness with its shadow and devouring dragon.

The disintegration and dissonance of this art are our own; to understand them is to understand ourselves.”

Erich Neumann, Art and the Creative Unconscious

Does the World Love or Hate Me? (the unfortunate understanding)

"[The] spiritual and political essence of socialism is not collectivism but individualism fulfilled through relation – the recognition that by freeing human relations from the alienation created by their practical social relations, conditions could be created for a communist society as Marx defined it – one in which "the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."

The ideal of a communist society will forever remain a utopian one unless soul is put back into ‘socialism’. Only by recognising the reality of the soul world (‘in heaven’), can soul communities attain reality in the social world (‘on earth’) as social communities.

The sole means by which this can happen is through a Relational Revolution which shows each individual how to sense and realise their inner soul relationships with others through bodily relational practices – practices which break down the illusory bodily boundaries of personal identity itself." 

- Peter Wilberg -

Nation States (exp)

Interrupted Independence

Who are societies' degenerates?

                                                                                               Wilhelm Reich - People in Trouble                                         Mike Huber - Embracing Rough-and-Tumble Play                                                  Jasun Horsley - The Vice of Kings


Who are You?

Are You Afraid Of The World

Too Big For The World

Do You Dare To See Who's Wrong?

Nathaniel Branden - Honoring the Self                                                     Ichiro Kishimi - The Courage to be Disliked

Christian Pankhurst - Insights to Intimacy

/Jeremy Holmes - John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

Elizabeth Gilbert - Stern Men

Skyrim getting better

Do We Want Self Love or Borderline Personality Disorder

Shadia Drury - Leo Strauss and the American RightMurray Rothbard - The Betrayal of the American RightMurray Rothbard - The Progressive Era

Michael Rectenwald - Springtime for Snowflakes

and the worst of all

destruction of life

organized BPD management

Eyes Wide Shut

Fixing Parentally Assisted Mind-Body Disturbance

Joseph P. Farrell - Microcosm and MediumAll the Mornings of the WorldJon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies

Victor Davis Hanson - Bonfire of the HumanitesShiva Ayyadurai - The Climate of Science

further reasearch

The Easy Way Out Is Often Wrong

John DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-Up                        Carlos Morales - Legally Kidnapped

The Easy Way Is Justified With

Mikkel Clair Nissen - Manipulism

Experience / Experience / Uncover (backup) Affect Psychology & The Primal Scream in A Petrified World / Reveal

Read / Feel / Build / Realise what the enemy is (the end) / Cure Trauma

& Analyse

Know the Power

Shock Therapy

Love, Work and Knowledge

Now: Self or Masochism?

The Danger of Adult Children: Collectivism

Adopted Helplessness (Victim Mentality), who act as if they are strong (lyrics)

Jordan Ayan - A-ha

Action is the Heroes' Journey - the opposite of Collectivism - Imagination is Not Enough, and even dangerous, and bewildering. And whenever the sun doesn't shine....

Collectivists who grow up in an environment which has contempt for or is too turbulent for imagination to thrive, become hostile towards action when they grow up. Only to be rewarded by an unpleasent surprise.