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Welcome to Safety & Violence, an investigation of the life experience.

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Love, Work and Knowledge

Now: Self or Masochism?

The Danger of Adult Children: Collectivism

Adopted Helplessness (Victim Mentality), who act as if they are strong (lyrics)

Action is the Heroes' Journey - the opposite of Collectivism - Imagination is Not Enough, and even dangerous, and bewildering. And whenever the sun doesn't shine....

Collectivists who grow up in an environment which has contempt for or is too turbulent for imagination to thrive, become hostile towards action when they grow up. Only to be rewarded by an unpleasent surprise.

Followed by an even an even more shocking surprise - ......

That the problem with domineering men is that they hide their weaknesses behind weak women and supposedly strong leaders (even this one).

The easy way out can be expensive very expensive.

Can they change?

Don't let the hatred win.

Love is Active Mindfulness (not just passivity).

Not Subconscious Risk Aversion (it makes people sick and angry when it's obvious that it's not producing the desired outcome).

With Risk Aversion comes Shame - and eventually low self-esteem and a need for collectivism to make you feel you're worth something.

And a common method to try to engage timid people is titillation.

Try, try and try, even if the world seems to betray you.

What is your narrative? What is the vibration you want to pursue?

Narrative bioenergetics. (think astrology)

Narrative bioenergetics has been replaced by instrumentalism; robotic, dog eat dog thinking.

The belief that there are only two things in the world, winners and losers. And being a winner is most

assured if you create or are a part of a group - not by being an individualist. 

And the group has to look stable.

Unfortunately, the reason our modern society appears to be stable is because it was set up and is maintained by forces which don't care that it's destroyed by terrorist for astrological reasons. The the terrorists are the creation of the same people who people think want to preserve and protect us.

People reject conspiracy theorists just like they reject themselves, by following a religion rather than spirituality.

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