Safety & Violence                                            solutions to the world's self-betrayal (video) (video) (video) (humanism) (article) & imminent suicide (assisted suicide because the world is non-heroic) elixir


                                                                                                     Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies       No Division      Michael Grant - Gone


                                                                                             why you and everybody around you are miserable and don't know how to help themselves - or others

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Collectivism Is The Evasion of Shadow Work

                                                                                                                                                                                                (escaping problems your mind wants you to deal with)                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                It Is Not About Dealing With Greed

                                                                                                                                                                                            The Fear Of Superior Beings Is The Fear Of Ones Own Demons

                                                                                                                                                (you will eventually come to the realisation that the problems your mind wants you to deal with were created by collectivism)

                                                                                                                                                                                     Some Collectivists Are Rich And Fit Into The System: But They Anger Very Easily

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Anger Is Not A Sign Of Sanity And Is Not To Be Admired

                                                                                                                                                                                           Individiualism Is The Anathema To Crony Capitalism, Greed And Evil

                                                                                                                                                                     Conspircy Theory Investigation Is About Finding Out How And Who Is Feeding The Allure Of Collectivism    

                                                                                                                                                                                               The Entity That Gave Us Evil Is Giving Us Collectvism             

                                                                                                                                                                                  The Image Of The Success Of Collectivism Is Wishful Thinking To Avoid Shadow Work


                                                                                                                                                    Self-Betrayal Is Not Cured With Collectivism Or By Starting A Family And Pampering Your Children As Long As They Go Along With Your Requirements

                                                                                                                                                                           It's By Curing The Fact That You Went Along With A System Actively Or Passively Unconscious

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That Unconsciousness Has To Stop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rather Than Whatever Makes You Angry

                                                                                                                                                                      Dialectics Relativism Behaviourism And A Few Other Methods Are Attempts To Make Collectvism Work

                                                                                                                                                                          And/Or Fool People Into Thinking It Will At Some Point In The Future Because Science Says It Does

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Because Most People Can't Be Bothered To Do Shadow Work

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Problems Of Evil Persist


                                                                                    The need to deal with the self-betrayal (shame) rather than copycat collectivism (go along to get along) is perfectly healthy

                                                                                                                    the universe needs you.

                                                                                      Those who are most likely to want to heal the shame unfortunately experience the same treatment as unruly children by those

                                                                                             who are desperate to view the collectivism as a virtuous savior because of their fear of being shamed.                           '

                                 Detecting shame requires the courage to use whatever energy you have to do investigative work which in a collectivistic setting you feel restrained from attaining.

                                              Rather than courage most, if not all, people choose to seek their fuel from the crowd. Especially if everybody, and the media, reports that everything is 

                                                             is just fine as long as you comply. If you don't, no one wants to know why, including teachers, politicians and psychologists.                      

                                                                               None compliance feels ok to most people until they see they won't be able to sustain an independent life.                                                                     




                                                                                                                                         Love, Work and Knowledge              Hail Satan         Michael Tsarion - Adultism

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (more info)                                        (video) (article)

                                                                                                                                                                                              Don't Expect Anyone To Clean It Up For You Unless You Want To Be As Bad As Your Enemies (backup) (read)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Portrait Of The Situation  (backup)

                                                    Happy End   Lord of the Flies (1990)   Ronald Naso - Hypocrisy Unmasked   Phantom Thread   If...   It's Only the End of the World               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Shame Induced Hypocrisy

                                                                                                                                                                                              North-Korean Communitarianism Is Fast Approaching Your Toenails

                                                                                                                                                                                      Marcel Kuijsten - Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness                Flight from Death                   

Revenge without CoDependence (collectivism):


  Louise Hay - Heal Your Body   Marie-Louise von Franz - Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology   Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World  Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief  Sam Horn - Take the Bully by the Horns  Robert Williams - Psych-K      

A SHAME With MASSIVE Consquences

Trotsky 1 (The Chicago Tribune  - April 21, 1934)

Massive Self Hate

Orpheus (Orphée) (1950)


                                          MindwalkDomestic Life (La vie domestique) Micheál mac Liammóir (Alfred Willmore) - The Mountains Look Different Experimenter                                                        

interview explanation

The Shame of Being Either Machine or Emotions

Free Will / Self Determination

The Prisoner (original series)               Laurens van der Post - Jung and the Story of Our Time

It Is Not About Being Stupid or Successful

Elaine Smitha - If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss 

Fight Shame To Empower Humility

                                                                                                     Lucia Capacchione - Recovery of Your Inner Child          Thich Nhat Hanh - Reconciliation          Brad Montague - Becoming Better Grownups                                                                                                        

Robots Also Sense Society's Insecurity 

But Choose To Wait For A Fictional Criminal Investigator

Rather Than Insight


(desperately afraid of it)

Shame and Humility Experiment (excerpt)


Davis Aurini - As I Walk These Broken Roads

Ordinary PeopleThe Dinner

Victim Mentality

Do You Feel It?


Fix Your Inferiority ComplexFighting with My Family


                                      Hisato Murasaki - Persona 5, Volume 1  The Hunt of Odd Nerdrum  New Years Day - UnbreakableMechanical

The House with a Clock in Its WallsJacob Nordby - Blessed Are The Weird


Ultimate Fantastic Four - Tomb of Namor: Part 3


A.A. Milne - Winnie-the-PoohAll the Mornings of the WorldThe Hunt of Odd NerdrumThe City of Lost ChildrenLast Action Hero


Your Parents, Teachers, Friends and Other Authorities

Are Malignantly Hiding

Donnie Darko

The Fact They Are Just As Clueless About Life As


The Divided Brain             The Cell            The Tenant (1976)             X + Y (cover)

And Will Continue To

Create Reality For You

Elementary (Primaire)

You Need To Realise That Standing Up Against That Is

Nathaniel Branden - The Art of Living Consciously


Iain McGilchrist - The Master and His Emissary

The Narcissistic Duality

It Scares Not Only The Weak, But Also The Bullies

Bullies Are Weak People Who Hate Being Reminded Of Their Weaknesses


Other People Who Are ALSO Unwilling To Try To Do Anything About

Out Of Fear Of Having Their Weaknesses Exposed

The Method To Heal The Victim Mentality

                     Tolkien (2019)                     Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring          

How to Know Your True Self (backup)           

                  Michael Harner - Cave and CosmosMe and My Subconscious (quote)Ester and Jerry Hicks - The Law of Attraction


Empathatic Duality

Joker (2019)


Steven Stosny - Living and Loving after Betrayal

Music / Lyrics


Manipulation Just Perpetuates Conflict

Cid Lazarou - Pulling Back the Curtain

Lloyd Pye - Intervention Theory Essentials

And If You Review The Academic Disciplines, You'll Find Out Why



John Carter





Another Country


Barði Guðmundsson - The Origin of the Icelanders


Lyrics / Album

People Have Children For VAMPIRISTIC Reasons;

not to enrich LIFE



- and afraid of other weak people -



-and thus not allowed to co-create it-

-and afraid of upsetting other people-


Trying To REPENT By Being Nice Will Drain You Because Everybody

Is Just As Scared (NEEDY OF SUPPORT) As You Are

But Have Found Somewhere To Fit In And Soothe Their Frustration

Waiting For The Day Someone Else

Has Fixed The World

Because Pointing Out That You Feel Something Is Wrong Will Make People Angry


They Will Rather Make You Feel Evil For Having Raised Awareness About A Touchy Subject

And You Don't Dare To Ask Why

But The Devil Your Elders Are Afraid Of Is Anyone Shattering Their Dreams Of

Being Taken Care Of By A Saviour

and also the fear of making their children into little (self-protective) demons becuse they

realise they're NOT being prepared for life by people who know what they're doing

Thinking, By Most, That The Governments Of The World Are Such Saviours

And Any Questioning of That Authority Is Anti-Democratic

Forgetting That Anti-Democratic Means Anti-Mob (Collectivistic Socialite) Rule

They Don't Want To Expose Their Immaturity

Which You, Too, Also Gradually Don't Want To Expose

But Believe Me, Your Artistic Abilities Reside Within You Somewhere

You Just Have To Get Away From Too Touchy People

Harmony will eventually explode into confusion if no one dares

to point out that something is wrong.

And In OUR case that is being ruled over by people who think that

only being nice is the way to go.

At some point the authorities will give us controlled news about something

being wrong, but the result of that reporting is only that

people become paranoid about the people who don't seem to conform.

Anyone in the system that the populace is being lied to about what is going on,

doesn't dare to do it because the populace is so dependent on the narcissistic supply

the authorities provide, that they'll attack the messenger

whoever it may be.

And the corruption continues

and the slavery which produces the narcissistic supply.

Turning To Satanism Will Only Make You Realise Your Elders Already Are Satanic

Against Life


You, your friends, and society as a whole, needs to allow everybody to challenge

each others behaviour


Society Will Remain Spiritually Primitive

Society will never learn to properly figure out what evil is

and how to deal with it

That's How Most Churches Want The World To Be

Wait For A Saviour While They Steal Your Money

Fear and Apathy needs to be dealt with by other means than

manipulated aggression

Religion, Statism, Authority

We Don't Need Rebellion But Allowing The World

To Introspect While Interacting With The World

The Ultimate Desire Of Those Who Are Trying To Make It Know That World Leaders Manipulate The World

We Live In Is That The Main Goal Of Our Leaders Is To Fight Against Those Who Try To Improve It

And Thus Create Fear In People To Upset The

Ruling Status Quo






And Obviously The World Rulers Are Trying To Escape This Stupidity

They Just Don't Say It So That The Stupid People Understand It

So That's The Team To Attempt To Please

Learn To Allow Others To Feel Safe To

(even) WILDLY(focused) Discover AND

Admit BOTH





Challenge The Latter

Why Personality Is Important

Why Seeing The Universe As A Spiritual Entity Is Important

(the movie)

(the documentary - 1.4 GB)

To Not Become A Too Dependent



Terrence Real - I Don't Want to Talk about It                        Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies                     Chris Cisneros - The Cosmic Carpenter (1st Edition)

Dealing With Trauma

It Is Those Who Try To Fit In Who Are Dysfunctional

Flight from Death  Rachel Cusk - Aftermath  The Divided Brain

Due To Traumatic (bewildering) Events That Upset The Mind

Michael Tsarion - Atlantis

Organisations Called Mystery Schools Were Established To Find & Gather Those With

The Right Type Of

Care or Contempt

To Follow The Doctrines Of These Organisations

To Sort Out or Control The Confused Psyche of Humanity

Mechanically, Spiritually

Or Both

The Brotherhood of the Bell  Marion Goldman - The American Soul Rush  Gaslight  Hans Thomas Hakl - Eranos 

Not The Ones Who Try To Follow Their Own Path

Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light

                                                           The Time Being        At Eternity's Gate          Gauguin                                                                

Dealing With Selfhood

Joseph Farrell - Microcosm and Medium Red StateTHX 1138The Nature of Nicholas The Forbidden Education (La Educación Prohibida) Andrew Wakefield - Callous Disregard

Some People Are Afraid To Stand Up Against Their Abusers and Want To Just Fit In


Passified Rebellion

Conformism to Compliance

Jan Irvin - Spies in Academic Clothing (banner)

(with perks if you're lucky)

(escape from authoritarian parents and bullies)

                                                         Frances Stonor Saunders - The Cultural Cold War        Vance Packard - The Hidden Persuaders                                                        

Critique of Borderline Personality Disorder

L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging DynastiesDavid Elkind - The Hurried ChildMommie DearestThe ChumscrubberGentlemen BroncosFreddy Got FingeredDutchMan of Steel

D.H. Lawrence - Lady Chatterley's Lover   Good Will Hunting   Boot Camp (2008)Bully (2001)  The Virgin Suicides   William Pollack - Real Boys

the consequential psychological stress



ignorant destruction

Arthur Brooks - Love Your Enemies

Pia Mellody - Facing Codependence

My Life as a DogI Am Legend

                                            Rachel Cusk - Arlington ParkThe Edukators                                           

and the ideal way out

                                                                                                                                                       Eleanor Payson - Discovering the Healthy Self       Wrestling Ghosts       Alex Alice - Siegfried  (video)

                                                                                                                         Nathaniel Branden - The Art of Living Consciously   Jillian Turanovic & Travis C. Pratt - Thinking about Victimization   R.D. Laing - Sanity, Madness and the Family    Nathaniel Branden - Taking Responsibility

   the fear/illegalisation of self-responsibility leads to self-hate (hardened body due to emotional neglect/dissociation) & fear of others (envy)

the paradigm conspiracy

the shame of making a fool of yourself

rational (responsible) individualism is the best drug

Stupidity (Dissociation) Is Never Cured With More Abandonment (Veiled or Outright Contempt)

(although that can be challenging if the perceived capable people are afraid to expose their own parent's absence)

(the fear of not being able to talk to your parents is traumatising - which if not alleviated leads to stagnation of the bioenergetic field of the body (which scares the victim even more)

(nice capable people get harassed by capable people who want to participate in the contempt of the incompetent)


(the capable also have flaws they don't dare to point out because it WILL be met with CONTEMPT)

(blaming (socialist) capitalists as we see happening today, I think, will make (socialist) capitalist respond by implementing a dictatorship to "avoid chaos")

But with what former teacher John Taylor Gatto calls (responsible) Helix Sport

a gradual introduction to both pain and gain

not just gain, peace, harmony, superficial/touchy (not sensitive) friendships

because that is collectivism, and is easily destroyed because no one dare to speak up, because no one ever grow out of needing to be taken care of

To Regain a sense of self,

Bioenergetic Flow

- as opposed to clutter-

Belittlement Doesn't Foster Courage

The Game (1997)

               My Life as a Zucchini      Ola Raknes - Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy      The Falcons (trailer)

If Creativity and Imagination is the meaning of life

altruism has to be avoided unless it's absolutely necessary

There Is No Ultimate Heaven

You'll Get Bored If You Ever Get There

And Want To Go Back To Experiencing What It's Like To Have To Challenge Yourself

                                                                                                                   Hunting Flies    Ferris Bueller's Day Off  A Separate Peace   Man of the House                                                                                                                                             

                                   Kerry Bolton - The Psychotic Left     Frank Marchese - Coming Into Being         Meg Meeker - Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters          A Dangerous Method     Jonah Goldberg - Liberal Fascism                             


hypocrisy = shame = SHADOW (crippling secrets) (in society at large)

    Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding   The Tree of Life   Too Big for the World     


Greg Hallett - Hitler Was a British Agent


  Marie-Luise Von Franz - Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales     

                              getting worse                            

        Theo Paijmans - Free Energy Pioneer - J.W. Keely Love, Work and Knowledge  Glenn Clark - The  Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe    

 Fay Karpf - Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank

People Don't Care About The World

It Doesn't Help To Sensationalise Crimes and Deplorable Situations

For Anything Else Than To Entertain People's Otherwise Self-Inflicted Uneventful Life

Most People Always Desperately Hope They Don't Have To Reveal Their Incompetence

At Dealing With

Other People

 Robert Zaretsky - Albert Camus


                                                      Little Men /2016)   Teaching Mrs. Tingle    Carrington     Marnie (1964)    Revolutionary Road                                            

Laurie Halse Anderson - Speak


Gustave Le Bon - The Crowd

Nicholas Hagger - The Secret History of the West

Blanche Barton - The Secret Life of a Satanist

John DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-Up




we don't care about each other (fear, belittle or bully) because we DON'T want to see our shame

Louder Than Bombs

it's weirder than you think

David Berlinski - The Devil's Delusion

including gender (electric polarity) confusion

promote a relativistic universe rather than admit confusion

exhausts those who care

which makes people wonder if anyone else will care

and thus hide inside

i'm afraid of authority but i'm liked by the crowd

i was afraid of authority and became authority

and make everything worse by not wanting to be reminded of this lockdown

"don't you dare tell me to deal with authority because it will kill me"

authority is good at keeping out the competition

because you have lost touch with your imagination

and see no reason to exercise it (start slowly)

do you have contempt for everybody else who are afraid to speak up?

individualism is about being able to create love without being part of a system

monopolies are always a result of collectivism (fear of individualism)

evil always needs a system to protect itself from heroes and harness energy to feed off of

individualism prevents people from becoming weak and needy

if more of us dared to speak up against authority and help each other to think, contempt would go away

thinking sometimes need a punching bag (tolerance) rather than conditional comfort zone

The UN's PEACE means "Don't Upset the Family Secrets"

which means you'll start looking terrified for solutions in all the wrong places

creativity doesn't thrive within shadows

you'll even go into debt because you fool yourself into thinking you're the problem and society must be right because no one says a word about it's problems

individualism = individuals who dare to speak up //// collectivism = only if others agree do i dare to share who I am

lack of individualism makes everybody too weak to stand up against manipulation

complacency is not fixed with behaviourism - the most prevalent inclination that's been with us among non-creative people

don't let sensationlised gurus pump you out of your exhaustion caused by lack of individualism

(it's dangerous to not be in control of all of your opposites - the other one can be used to take advantage of you)

existential crisis is not a psychological issue - it's nutritional exhaustion (1-12 to be certain)

(refined sugar and grains add quick energy but contribute to the long term exhaustion of the body the brain needs)

(for additional support)

(long term goal)

anything less is lack of individualism;




exposure of damaging secrets

                                                  Vice     Modern Socialists     Fight Club                                                           

challenge it

                             Joker (2019)  Noi the Albino (Nói Albinói)  Maze Runner: The Death Cure Ascending   Saw  The Prisoner (original series)  Something in the Air (Après mai)    

Mere Words (DeviantArt - onyxcarmine)   

Creativity Has To Be An Individualistic Endevour

The Bling Ring

within a

divine framework

(not religion)

Janae B. Weinhold - The Flight from Intimacy


                                                                                                                                    Bill Plotkin - Nature and the Human Soul    Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead  Brian J. McVeigh - The Other Psychology of Julian Jaynes    Sharkboy and Lavagirl


The Baby (1973)


like this

The Neverending Story

spiritual abandonment


societal abandonment

cosmic  abandonment

                                     David Berlinski - A Tour of the Calculus   Mark Wolynn - It Didn't Start with You   David Berlinski - One, Two, Three                               

Durant - The Age of Voltaire

people want to FEEL good

                                                                            Johnny Bravo, Kara and Barbara (DeviantArt - JQroxks21)LifeforceMoments before humiliation (DeviantArt - Ritualist)                                                                                   music/lyrics                    

Barbara Hand Clow - Catastrophobia


Sine Wave on an Oscilloscope

Wilhelm Reich - The Murder of Christ

The Neverending Story

Bad Conscience in the Garden of Eden

                                                                                                             Lenore Skenazy - Free-Range KidsJames Fallon - The Psychopath InsideThe 400 BlowsWilhelm Reich - Ether, God and DevilRobert Epstein - Teen 2.0Mikkel Clair Nissen - Manipulism

                                                                                                                                                               Yin Yang


Michael Moore - Stupid White MenBarabbas (1961)Lou Dobbs - Exporting America

     Blue VelvetInterview with the VampireStraw Dogs (1971)Asexual ( (1997)The SquareSociety


The Killing Room

                                                   Jo's Boy Far from the Tree Alt-Right: The Age of Rage                                                

                                                                                                        fake industrial progress                                      (related info)                                               

                                                              the lost briefing                                             (deeper still)

the enemy of creativity

Transformer (2018)

S    T     R      E      S      S

Robert Sapolsky - Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers  Lynn Schackman - Why Does Everything Have to Be Perfect  Pankaj Mishra - The Age of Anger (cover)   Kirsten Olson - Wounded by School   Michael Staub - Madness is Civilization  Gerald Loren Fishkin - The Science of Shame and Its Treatment John Bradshaw - Healing the Shame that Binds You  Alice Miller - Thou Shalt Not Be Aware Les Carter - The Anger Trap Terri Apter - Passing Judgment   Peter Breggin - Guilt, Shame and Anxiety




Mark Wolynn - It Didn't Start with You

Rollo May - Man's Search for Himself   Ludwig von Mises - Human Action   Marie-Louise von Franz - Psyche and Matter   Rollo May - The Courage to Create

and mind crippling hypocrisy

Scott Barry Kaufman - Ungifted

    Franz Kafka - The Trial  Mid90s  Shannon Kaiser - The Self-Love Experiment  Robert L. Fried - The Game of School  Casa Grande  Phyllis Chesler - Woman's Inhumanity to Woman


Vox Day - JordaneticsRoss W. Greene - Raising Human BeingsTreasure Island (1990)


     Arno Gruen - The Insanity of Normality  Michael Tsarion - Dragon Mother  Teaching Mrs. Tingle  Leviathan   The Stepford Wifes (2004)   The Art of Self-Defence   The Baby (1973)       Under the Tree    Arno Gruen - The Betrayal of the Self

          Kate Thomas - Bulletproofing the Psyche   Edward Whitmont - The Alchemy of Healing   

                               use building blocks                                   

don't leave it up to religion

but be spiritual

                                                Peter Rollins - The Idolatry of God Lloyd Pye - Intervention Theory Essentials Marcel Kuijsten - Gods, Voices, and the Bicameral Mind                                               

betrayers of the self

             The Killing of a Sacred Deer  The Holy Mountain  The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)       



John M. Otis - Unveiling Freemasonry's Idolatry  Gary Wayne - The Genesis 6 Conspiracy



Jacob Nordby - Blessed Are The Weird


  John Lamb Lash - Not in His Image   Evan Imber-Black - The Secret Life of Families   Girls Lost



Sarah Bakewell - At the Existentialist Café

Do You Fix Your Morality With Relativism?

                           Clueless  The Bling Ring (cover).jpg                            

the notion of 

                           HImizu       Afterimage                             

explanation           deep and dark

both sides of the imagination   look

Ian McEwan

                                                      Experimenter      Mark R. Leary - Interpersonal Rejection    The Stanford Prison Experiment                              look again

Power Rangers  The Piano Teacher  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


The Favorite

James DeMeo - Saharasia


(add1 - add2)

Michael Tsarion - Atlantis

passive aggression looking for salvation

/Lloyd Pye - Intervention Theory Essentials

Orson Bean - Me and the Orgone

a  troubling defect in some

Jupiter Ascending


love <=> courage<=>self-awareness<=>critical thinking


Glenn Clark - The  Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

(the law of attraction)





Stephen E. Flowers - Lords of the Left-Hand Path

The Wire


Margie Haber - Stop Acting


(instead of political materialism)

 Rosalyn Diprose - Merleau-Ponty: Key Concepts

Daniel Goleman - Emotional lntelligence


Atwood & Brandchaft - The Interaubjectiove Perspective

for the sake of Roger Trigg - Understanding Social Science           G. W. F. Hegel - The Philosophy of History          Oswald Spengler - The Decline of the West        Bryan Caplan - The Myth of the Rational Voter

VitalitySanity, Passion & Prosperity

The Ability To Be Alone

The Thin Red Line

the truth is electric

Jonice Webb - Running on Empty No More

So That Anyone Can Clearly See If Those Around Them Are Deceiving Themselves or Not

And Be Able To Be What The Group Needs To Move Out Of Its Self-Deception

That Time Heals Flaws

Unfortunately Not Immaturity In Dysfunctional Environments

Cravings, Neediness, Indifference

The Result Of An Imbalance Of Needs And Abilities


The Definition Of Individualism Can't Be Binary

Evil Or Good

Leo Zagami - Confessions of an Illuminati    Gilad Atzmon - The Wandering Who

One Does Not Cure The Other


It Has To Be Both

Katherine Paterson - Bridge to Terabithia    The Golden Era   


Aaron Carter - The Hits



Green Lantern    Split   

the international version

"If [..] art is degenerate, we too are degenerate, for innumerable individuals are suffering the same collapse of the cultural canon,

the same alienation, the same loneliness – the rising blackness with its shadow and devouring dragon.

The disintegration and dissonance of this art are our own; to understand them is to understand ourselves.”

Erich Neumann, Art and the Creative Unconscious

Does the World Love or Hate Me? 

(the unfortunate understanding)

Cloud, Townsend - How to Have That Difficult Conversation

"[The] spiritual and political essence of socialism is not collectivism but individualism fulfilled through relation – the recognition that by freeing human relations from the alienation created by their practical social relations, conditions could be created for a communist society as Marx defined it – one in which "the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."

The ideal of a communist society will forever remain a utopian one unless soul is put back into ‘socialism’. Only by recognising the reality of the soul world (‘in heaven’), can soul communities attain reality in the social world (‘on earth’) as social communities.

The sole means by which this can happen is through a Relational Revolution which shows each individual how to sense and realise their inner soul relationships with others through bodily relational practices – practices which break down the illusory bodily boundaries of personal identity itself." 

- Peter Wilberg -

Nation States (exp)

Interrupted Independence

Interrupted Creativity

and social understanding

who are societies' degenerates?

                                                                                               Wilhelm Reich - People in Trouble                                         Mike Huber - Embracing Rough-and-Tumble Play                                                  Jasun Horsley - The Vice of Kings


Who are You?

V. M. Blanc - Intoxicated

Are You Afraid Of The World

Too Big For The World

Do You Dare To See Who's Wrong?

Afraid of Opposition?


Alice Miller - Drama of the Gifted Child

Are You Afraid Of Looking Stupid?

        Heather Shumaker - It's OK Not to Share          Heather Shumaker - It's OK to Go Up the Slide        Janet Lansbury - No Bad Kids

Palisades - Erase the Pain

Nathaniel Branden - Honoring the Self                                                     Ichiro Kishimi - The Courage to be Disliked

Jonathan Franzen - Purity

The Omen  Brightburn  The Prodigy  Prodigy (2018) 

(it's bigger than you think)

                                                          Pia Melody - Facing Codependence       Christine Ann Lawson - Understanding the Borderline Mother       Speak    Michael Tsarion - Adultism     John Taylor Gatto - Dumbing Us Down                                                                               


Cortney Warren - Lies We Tell Ourselves       Ronald Naso - Hypocrisy Unmasked     Tim Harlow - What Made Jesus Mad

Shame & Guilt

         Big Order           

                                      on the right track in a sick world                                        

Alain de Botton - Status Anxiety

Thaddeus Russell - A Renegade History of the United States

Christian Pankhurst - Insights to Intimacy

/Jeremy Holmes - John Bowlby and Attachment Theory

Elizabeth Gilbert - Stern Men

Skyrim getting better

Do We Want Self Love or Borderline Personality Disorder

in other words

                                                                                                                      Edward Bernays - Propaganda   Walter Lippmann - Public Opinion    Gustave Le Bon - The Crowd    Charles Mackkay - Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds                                                                                                                               


Past Lives & Present Karma Lawrence W. Reed - Excuse Me Professor(listen)

Shadia Drury - Leo Strauss and the American RightMurray Rothbard - The Betrayal of the American RightHa-Joon Chang - 23 Things They Don't Tell You about CapitalismMurray Rothbard - The Progressive Era

Never Let Me Go

Europe, She Loves

Michael Rectenwald - Springtime for Snowflakes

and the worst of all

Leonard Shlain - The Alphabet Versus the Goddess

destruction of life

organized BPD management

Eyes Wide Shut

due to fear of communication

        What Keeps You Alive   Iain McGilchrist - The Master and His Emissary   Beautiful Boy


           My Best Friend (Mi mejor amigo)  Climax (2018)  David Bjorklund - Why Youth is Not Wasted on the Young    


Fixing Parentally Assisted Mind-Body Disturbance

Mr. Destiny

Joseph P. Farrell - Microcosm and MediumAll the Mornings of the WorldJon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies

Henry H. Bauer - Science is Not What You Think              Karen Elkins - Inside OutShiva Ayyadurai - The Climate of ScienceVictor Davis Hanson - Bonfire of the Humanites

(outside usa)

physics   David Berlinski - The Devil's Delusion    Nancy Marie Brown - The Abacus and the Cross    Roger Trigg - Beyond Matter    calculus

further research

                                                                      Harriet Lerner - The Dance of Deception    Nathaniel Branden - The Art of Living Consciously      Chap Clark - Hurt 2.0    Sia Mohajer - The Little Book of Stupidity         Harriet Lerner - The Dance of Connection                                                                                                                   

The Easy Way Out Is Often Devestating

John DeCamp - The Franklin Cover-Up                        Carlos Morales - Legally Kidnapped

The Easy Way Is Justified With

Mikkel Clair Nissen - Manipulism

And Arrogance

Aaron Franz - Revolve

Peter J. D'Adomo - Eat Right for Your Type

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Know the Power

Shock Therapy

Love, Work and Knowledge

Now: Self or Masochism?

The Danger of Adult Children: Collectivism

Adopted Helplessness (Victim Mentality), who act as if they are strong (lyrics)

Jordan Ayan - A-ha