Safety & Violence

 the notion of both sides of the imagination

through self consciousness


for the sake of

VitalitySanity, Passion & Prosperity

Welcome to Safety & Violence, an investigation of the life experience.

Please start here - the Side Effect of: Adulation (Energy Dynamics - visualised/projected)

Experience / Experience / Uncover (backup) Affect Psychology & The Primal Scream in A Petrified World / Reveal

Read / Feel / Build / Realise what the enemy is (the end) / Cure Trauma

& Analyse

Know the Power

Shock Therapy

Love, Work and Knowledge

Now: Self or Masochism?

The Danger of Adult Children: Collectivism

Adopted Helplessness (Victim Mentality), who act as if they are strong (lyrics)

Action is the Heroes' Journey - the opposite of Collectivism - Imagination is Not Enough, and even dangerous, and bewildering. And whenever the sun doesn't shine....

Collectivists who grow up in an environment which has contempt for or is too turbulent for imagination to thrive, become hostile towards action when they grow up. Only to be rewarded by an unpleasent surprise.