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                                                                                                                                                                    fluoride ("wheat"grass (preferably spelt/barley grass) is probably the best source of calcium - vitamin c to avoid gum disease)


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Back to the farm

Skinny?, weak?, exhausted? Experienced trauma in current and/or past life? It could be hyperthyroidism due to the Epstein-Barr virus having been triggered by trauma. The remedy. The ultimate removal of the virus

Immune system: Olive Leaf Extract

Allergies:   MSM, herbal remedies, vitamin B but also A, C and E

Low energy / burnout: Organic Food Bar, cell salts, coenzymes

Skinny / underweight / burnout: eating deserts will aid your (bloody type a? (see above book) digestion and you'll notice you can eat more (fruits, oats, nuts, berries)

Best source of calcium: Wheatgrass (not to be confused with wheat) (preferably spelt grass) (juice is cheaper because it doesn't contain pulp)


Autism - Listen - Test

Alternatives to CBD oil: Maca Powder and chocolate

Candida, Leaky gut, Asthma

Alternative to pool chlorination

Digestion, Hairloss: Probiotics which contain bifido/us bacteria, no dairy, corn/starch, cashew nuts, tomatoes, red meat, wheat (due to hard to digest proteins for all or certain blood types which wear down the intestines), white meat with antibiotics or other types of grains until the gut has healed

The skeleton:



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