Chris Cisneros - The Cosmic Carpenter (First Edition) (pdf, 5 MB) (website)

Covenant (The Guy Ellis Show - 11 July 2019) (mp3, 20 MB) (website)

Ark (The Guy Ellis Show - 12 July 2019) (mp3, 19 MB) (website)

Guy Ellis Hreinberg - The War on the Divine (mp4, 282 MB) (website)

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         Laurens van der Post - Jung and the Story of Our Time              Peter Revere - The Real 911               Lao Russell - God Will Work with You But Not for You           Theo Paijmans - Free Energy Pioneer: JW Keely         

                                                                                  Peter Revere - The Catholic Code (source)           Think of God as your Higher Self

                        Who am I? (audio) (video backup) Compared To THIS and THIS