Chris Cisneros - The Cosmic Carpenter (First Edition) (pdf, 5 MB) (website)

     Christianity is a Religion (mithraism) on top of true Spirituality

Covenant (The Guy Ellis Show - 11 July 2019) (mp3, 20 MB) (website)

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Guy Ellis Hreinberg - The War on the Divine (mp4, 282 MB) (website)

Guy Ellis - The Mindset of the Divine State (12 March 2021) (mp4, 254 MB)

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                                                                                              Art and the Imagination (Unslaved Podcast - Episode 164 - February 9, 2020)

We are responsible for the misery in the world if we ever chose their solutions over spiritual solutions - ask for foregivness and help to fix the situation: Night Shadows

   People use science (which supposedly has proven, or at least, rests upon principles that are non-spiritual, and local, rather than universal)

   to protect themselves from having to admit that they at some point in their soul's history actively chose to be led into whatever world a

   strong enough leader was able to provide, rather than be in charge of their own, which is now failing (unless you oxymoronically blame criminals

   for its weak defences).  The only way out is to ask God for forgiveness, but most people rather want to continue to show allegiance to the leaders

   who weaved them into a web of confusion, because people are afraid of their own minds - their connection with God. They are social, but surprisingly

   very socially incompetent and afraid to express this weakness about themselves. It becomes a societal secret, and everythings seems to be working


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   Laurens van der Post - Jung and the Story of Our Time  Nathaniel Branden - Taking Responsibility       Richard Rubenstein - Aristotle's Children   Lao Russell - God Will Work with You But Not for You    Theo Paijmans - Free Energy Pioneer: JW Keely    

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